Travel and Vietnam

Admire nature and think about your own footprint

Kat and I in Vietnam

Laos and Travel

Be in this moment

Kuang Si Waterfall

A personal travel story that has completely changed our lives forever.

That’s me (Marcus) watching the mighty pacific ocean’s waves.

23rd March 2020, North Island — New Zealand

There are two records at once 🙆‍♂️

Photo created using and the photos of the nominees

You did a lot…

Remote Work and Chiang Mai

Let’s explore THE birthplace and follow their paths

This time we got a clear result from you guys

The winner of the Feb contest

You are amazing, thank you!

Travel and Laos

A place beyond adventure, massage parlors, and tubing

The Mekong river at sunset

“The further you get away from yourself…

Marcus Franke

Traveler |Photographer | Adventurer | Investor

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