Travel and Vietnam

Admire nature and think about your own footprint

Kat and I in Vietnam

Hi there,

Kat and I left our well-paid jobs to travel 365 days in 2019 /2020, just before the pandemic hit the world.

There are quite a few countries around the globe we miss desperately, especially with the never-ending lockdown where traveling has become a no-go for most of us.

Among them is certainly Vietnam, which we traveled four weeks from the north to the south. Just like most places in South East Asia, Vietnam is a spot one can visit almost any time of the year.

While we are now in Germany, waiting for the winter season time to…

Laos and Travel

Be in this moment

Kuang Si Waterfall

There are some tourist attractions throughout the world that everyone has to observe once in their lifetime.

I considered writing a travelogue regarding Luang Prabang’s attraction and to include the Kuang Si Waterfall but quickly realized this spectacular cascade earned its own spot in the World Traveler’s Blog.

The Kuang Si Waterfall (also spelled Kuang Xi) in Luang Prabang (Northern Laos) is one of the places where the hype certainly justifies the voyage and effort.

Katharina (Kat) and I haven’t seen anything like this in Laos …wait..even South East Asia in more than four months!

“Twenty years from now…

A personal travel story that has completely changed our lives forever.

That’s me (Marcus) watching the mighty pacific ocean’s waves.

Katharina and I left our well-paid jobs in our early 30s and traveled the world for 365 days in 2019/2020.

We came as far as New Zealand when the lockdown ended our trip abruptly and completely turned our lives upside down.

23rd March 2020, North Island — New Zealand

I still remember the moment when we sat in our Toyota-Campervan near the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand, and watched the news:

There are two records at once 🙆‍♂️

Photo created using and the photos of the nominees

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Give Your Kids an Adventure They Will Always Remember by Courtney Burry👇

Unique trips, cultural advice, and some great parenting strategy!

Dear fellow travelers,

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We currently get a lot of amazing stories each week. Topics vary and destinations are spread all across the globe. This makes it very difficult for us to only chose five stories each week for the contest.

We even received a new type of submission and created a new category for it. Quizzing we named it. If you have ideas for a fun, travel-related quiz our readers would enjoy, please send it in!

We used to organize these competitions once in two weeks…

Travel and Community

It’s Time To Shuffle More Than Ever, Have You Been Selected?

Dear World Travelers,

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Remote Work and Chiang Mai

Let’s explore THE birthplace and follow their paths

2020 will be remembered as an exceptional year.

It’s unquestionably a year that our children will read about in books.

The pandemic has changed the lives of literally everyone on the planet.

Most activities such as social interaction, shopping, and traveling which seemed normal to us were questioned overnight, then paused, and finally in many cases shut down forever.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
Leo Tolstoy

But not only the way we spend our leisure time has changed, the way we work did too.

Commuters Turned into Home-Office Professionals.

Digitization went from being an exciting trend…

Connect to us, we travel and grow together!

Explore Further

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We are exploring new destinations for YOU on all kinds of social platforms.

Our goal was clear from the beginning and has only become more focused over the time.

We are group of like-minded writers and readers interested in coming together over their love of the world and the experiences we can all share together.

One can only travel so far in this lifetime; but by reading about our adventures, we are able to…

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Travel and Laos

A place beyond adventure, massage parlors, and tubing

The Mekong river at sunset

Traveling is an opportunity to expand your horizon and to question what you accept as normal within the society you live in.

It takes you to places where people live in completely different environments, speak unfamiliar languages and think differently about various topics.

“The further you get away from yourself, the more challenging it is. Not to be in your comfort zone is great fun.”

— Benedict Cumberbatch

They belong to different religions, their daily chores vary from yours due to different social preferences and the way their residential neighborhoods are designed is quite different from what you may call…

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Traveler |Photographer | Adventurer | Investor

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